The term Starke, of German origin, means "strength" and "resistance". These are the main characteristics that we seek to give to our products, which guide our entire design and manufacturing process. Starke emerged in Latin America, in a partnership between Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, the result of the union between great executives in the sector.

Resistance, strength and high technology

Starke's line of professional equipment offers
more comfort and performance in walking and running training. suitable for
home or for gyms, Starke offers guarantees of great resistance and

The year 2020 and its impacts also led to Starke
to reinvent itself. And so was born the line developed especially for
people could train at home: Starke HOME.

The Starke HOME line takes existing technology in
large networks of gyms inside your home. Connect to your app
favorite workouts and creates routines. Our products offer more
durability, comfort and safety, all to help you achieve your

Starke wants much more than manufacturing and selling fitness equipment: we want to be a reference when it comes to choosing the best equipment for your home or gym, with quality assurance and with the aim of offering the best experiences for your workouts.

With high quality standards, combining strength and strength with technology and comfort, Starke has the ideal equipment and accessories for your fitness space, gym or studio.

01. Technology of Excellence

We combine the best in the fitness market to produce high-tech equipment.

02. Innovative Design

Our equipment has a modern and innovative design, facilitating its use.

03. Resistance and Quality

Equipment developed with high resistance materials, for greater safety during your workouts.

04. Warranty

High quality products with a guarantee of durability and operation.

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