Warranty term

Warranty period: Motor and frame (2 years), electronic parts (1 year), other parts (3 months), except for normal wear and tear parts.

This warranty covers any manufacturing defects that the products may have, except for parts with normal wear and tear.

During the warranty period established above, the customer undertakes to replace or repair parts with manufacturing defects, free of charge.

The customer will be responsible for paying the technician's travel fee in the amount in effect at that time.

If the customer prefers, the equipment under warranty can be sent to the nearest authorized technician and the repair will be carried out without cost of parts or labor.

The warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects, and does not cover the breakage of parts resulting from the use or transport of the equipment. Example: Plastic parts.

Any service and replacement of parts do not lead to an increase in the warranty period.

Any claims for economic loss, as well as claims for physical and/or material damage caused outside or around the equipment are excluded.

The warranty does not cover installation, cleaning and lubrication of the equipment.

The customer is responsible for the expenses arising from the handling of calls under warranty that are eventually considered unfounded.

The warranty will be void in the following situations:

  1. Damage caused by: theft, vandalism, lightning, fire, floods and/or other natural disasters.
  1. Sweat, water, solvents, alcohol and/or other liquids.
  1. Falls, accidents, collisions or misuse.
  1. Connect the product to an electrical network outside the specified standards or subject to excessive voltage variation.
  1. Use of the product in environments subject to corrosive gases (eg chlorine evaporation), humidity or excessive temperature.
  1. Use of equipment outdoors.
  1. Use of the product inside saunas, garages, or bathrooms.
  1. Each product has its well-defined use segment: professional / semi-professional / residential. The use of the equipment in disagreement with its specification will result in the loss of the product warranty, regardless of the time of use. For example, the use of residential appliances in gymnasiums, clubs, associations, clinics, schools, condominiums, commercial places and others.
  1. Cleaning with non-recommended chemicals, which can cause stains. Cleaning should only be done with a dry cloth.
  1. Incorrect lubrication of equipment, including lack or excess.
  1. In case of assembly, handling and/or repair by unauthorized persons or technical assistance, including the users themselves, or failure to observe the Operation Manual.
  1. Change found in the original mechanical, electrical and electronic parts.
  1. Serious removal or modification of the serial number.
  1. The use of the device has been verified in places exposed to sunlight, rain, dew, dust, salty air, humidity or poorly ventilated, etc.
  1. Previous maintenance verified with non-original parts.
  1. The equipment has been used by more than one person at a time.
  1. When the use of the equipment by people above the weight specified for the product is verified.
  1. When the maintenance schedule attached to the Operation and Assembly Manual is not respected.

We are not responsible for any accidents and their consequences, resulting from the violation of the original characteristics or the non-standard assembly of our products.

We reserve the right to make changes to this warranty term without prior notice.

The guarantee will only be valid with the presentation of the respective certificate, or the respective purchase invoice and only in the national territory.

A list of authorized service centers can be obtained by contacting our email address: support@starketraining.com