6 tips to take care of your treadmill at home

6 tips to take care of your treadmill at home

February 11, 2022


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There is in society a growing understanding of the importance of physical activity and its health benefits. In this context, more and more people are looking to introduce physical exercise as a regular practice, even at home.

And for many people, the electric treadmill is the best option, as it makes it possible to carry out hiking ou cumshots in the comfort of home, easily, practically and at any time of the day.

Like any equipment in regular use, however, a treadmill also requires attention and maintenance to ensure its performance over the years.

It is in order to help you protect your treadmill that we publish in this article 6 essential tips to take care of your electric treadmill, avoiding problems caused by incorrect use or poor maintenance of your equipment.

Keep your feet on the sides before starting the workout 

It may sound ridiculous, but this is an important tip to protect your treadmill.

Before starting your walk or run, keep your feet on the sides of the treadmillAt fairing. Never step directly on the canvas before it's in motion.

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This is because your weight will interfere with the engine's performance for starting: it will make the engine start up, forcing a greater effort. And that, in the long run, after many starts, will end up because it generates a greater wear and unnecessary, interfering with the useful life of your equipment.

Keep your treadmill clean

After use, clean: this goes for many things around the house, your treadmill is no exception.

If you use it daily, it is also important that you clean it daily.

The ideal is not to let dust accumulate on the surfaces to prevent these particles from entering the equipment and interfering with the engine performance or speed board, which are sensitive items.

If you sweat a lot and have already noticed that some droplets end up falling on the panel or side supports, it may also be worth investing in protection for your panel and avoiding future problems caused by corrosion on the surfaces, damage to the paint or other details.

Lubricate your electric treadmill

A lubrication must be done in running surface and is an important part of your treadmill's preventive maintenance, as it helps prevent rubber drying out.

To find out more about the periodicity of proper lubrication, consult the user manual or ask your treadmill manufacturer for more information, because the time intervals will depend a lot on your treadmill model. 

It will always be necessary to lubricate the treadmill with suitable silicone according to the information indicated in the instruction manual.

 Still have questions about lubrication? Find out more in our article "How to lubricate your treadmill: 6 practical tips".

For outdoor use, use a cover

It is important to keep the treadmill in a place covered e airy to avoid corrosion, paint damage and the accumulate dust or other types of dirt, ensuring its proper functioning and a longer useful life.

Like most equipment and accessories, the electric treadmill needs to be installed in a ventilated place, away from heat, wind, rain or sea air. But if you need to leave it outdoors for a while, it is recommended that you invest in a cover or other type of protective material.

In case of difficulty in finding the most suitable material, contact contact with the brand or store that supplied it; alternatively, look for a professional specialized in the area.

Keeps the treadmill out of the reach of pets or children

Anyone who has children or pets at home knows that there are some unpredictable situations... just one carelessness, accidents happen easily.

That's why it's important to keep the treadmill, as well as other adult-use equipment, out of reach de small children and animals. You can even use the cover suggested in the previous point, even if you keep the treadmill indoors, to avoid minor accidents.

Still in relation to the care of children, it is important to always keep the security key of the treadmill stored while it is not in use, to avoid any unwanted use, even if the buttons are pressed.


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And regarding pets, it is important to prevent them from having access to the equipment so that they do not appear bitten, scratched and potentially damaged, and transformed into a landing for animals.

Conducts periodic reviews

Keep in touch with the manufacturer's technical service to avoid incidents and ensure that your treadmill is always in perfect condition.

This review can be done periodically every six months when it comes to frequent use, or annually, if you use your treadmill more occasionally.

It is very important to have specialized help in this task, because the technicians make a professional lubrication and cleaning, in addition to therunning surface tightness and all other necessary parts.

Make your walks and runs safely and comfortably

Keeping up with your equipment gives you more financial security e comfort at the time of your physical practice, in addition to enhancing the useful life of your treadmill.

If you still haven't chosen the ideal treadmill for your home, take the opportunity to read "5 tips for choosing the best electric treadmill for your home" and choose the equipment that best suits your needs!

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